We are in a business of developing Residential & Commercial real estate landmarks that elevate cityscape by creating beautiful vistas. Our architects and engineers design real-estate projects & infrastructure that blend perfectly into surroundings creating harmonized buildings and spaces which offers Better and Sustainable living. We use the finest building materials to the highest quality standards which result in increased durability for a long-term sustainable living for the future.

Core Values

Our core values are elegantly depicted by all our projects.

Transparency, Technology, Environmental values and Customer First approach, are ingrained in all the processes at Constera Realty giving a smooth, powerful yet punctual experience of developing real estate.

Environment Conscious

We are known for building eco-friendly properties for an environmentally-aware generation.

Technologically Superior

We use the latest tools and technologies to deliver superior quality.

Aesthetically Inclined

We have our experts that focus on developing aesthetically pleasing real estate solutions.


We Schedule, build and deliver on time every time.


We always keep our customers well-informed of all the developments related to our projects.


You can feel sure that each touch point of your real estate experience is in the absolute best hands.


We’re experienced innovators who simplify your property buying experience and help you get the best value for the money you spend.

Unique and Luxe Property Developer

"Constéra" is derived from a combination of two words: “Con” reflecting “Construction” - Which is the main activity of the Company & STERA from “STERADIAN”, meaning perfect angle or geometry. With extensive market knowledge and unmatched devotion to customers, we deliver excellent residential and commercial solutions. Our team is capable of delivering projects of all the sizes, helping customers get the best value for money.

22 + Years of Experience in Real-Estate Development
5 + Million Square Feet Area Development Experience
20 + Residential & Commercial Projects Delivery Experience